Girl!Aoba as commissioned by shibaface! Full album here.

Also goes with the lady Koujaku pictures here.

She looks like Miku…

For a full-on Miku look, here’s a draft with Usui-like hair:

allena-frost-walker asked
Keep up your work dude! You are awesome :3 *Hugs*

I’ll try to. Thanks!!

Anonymous asked
Aoba in 100 please!~ :3

This is not at all what I meant to do when I started omg I’m sorry

Anonymous asked
why are you doing this? you're crushing my feelings. esp the one with tae. gdi

because I love you, and when I cry u cry

What if Aoba got Clear to remember the Jellyfish Song in his bad end?

Aoba can’t seem to remember it exactly, but he wants to try. He misses it and misses Clear singing it, so he begins to hum.

Clear: This song… why… why does it sound familiar?